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The Philippines: Home to the Best Beaches in the World

For almost a decade now, the Philippines has been recognized as having the best beaches in the world. This according to readers of some of the best luxury travel magazines, who continue to vote for Phillippine beaches like Palawan and Boracay every year.

White Beach in Boracay and El Nido in Palawan recently ranked as 2nd and 9th in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards, featured among the 25 Best Island Beaches in the World..

Despite being a small country, the Philippines boasts the fifth longest coastline in the world. Spanning across a distance of 36,289 km, it is an archipelago of 7,641 islands. Almost every single one of them contains the same thing: beautiful beaches with soft white sand, blue-green waters, and the best atmosphere for those seeking rest and relaxation. 



Some people say that Boracay is named after a local word that means white cotton, in reference to the soft, powder quality of the sand. It’s a good story, and would explain why the last decade has seen it’s become one of the best beaches on the planet. White Beach was recently named the 2nd best beach in the world for 2020 by Condé Naste, an honour it receives on a yearly basis. White Beach is divided into three parts, known as Stations. Station 1 (north) is full of luxury beach resorts; Station 2 (middle) has the biggest shopping area; Station 3 (south) is the most quiet and peaceful, appealing to budget travellers and backpackers.


Another candidate and frequent addition to the above mentioned list of the Philippines best beaches is Palawan. Voted “Most Beautiful Island in the World” in 2016, the most striking aspect of the island is its biodiversity, both on land and water. Its dedication to conservation and its biosphere reserve status has brought it high praise from the likes of National Geographic, while its different geology and flora and fauna make it distinct from the rest of the country.

Puerto Galera

Located on the Philippine island of Mindoro, this popular tourist destination can be reached easily from Metro Manila. Puerto Galera has several beaches that are great for the entire family. Here you can find a nine-hole golf course in the main hub, while a short distance away is a beautiful waterfall. Puerto Galan is also known for its great dive sites, with over forty to explore. This is due in part to the tremendous amount of biodiversity found here, which makes diving at night an even more memorable experience.


Beach escapes, eco-adventures and extreme sports are among the many attractions that bring people to Cebu every year. The island is filled with beach resorts that range from the very basic all the way to five-star. Notable beach destinations in Cebu include: Bantayan Island, a fishing community famous for their danggit (dried fish); Mactan Island, a coral island that has some of the best water activities in all of the Philippines; and Malapacua, a diving destination that is home to the rare thresher shark.

Camiguin Island

What is there to do on an island with seven volcanoes? On Camiguin the answer is quite a lot. Located in the southern Philippines, this island-province has an abundance of natural beauty to explore, from hot spring and waterfalls to lagoons. Fresh fish is on the menu here, as are crabs, clams, and shellfish.

So what about the mysterious radar station on Mantigue Island? A trip there will reveal this abandoned facility sitting on white sand and shaded by mangroves. The town of Guinsiliban, with its talisay tree-lined beach, is home to a giant clam farm that hosts seminars and allows for visitors to stay overnight.

Samal Island

The Island Garden City of Samal is the largest resort city in the Philippines. Made up of 9 islets, it is spread across 118 kilometers of coastline. The most popular among them is the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, where thousands of oysters were once gathered for their pink, white and gold pearls. Now visitors can visit this former farm and enjoy

Pink Beaches

When the currents in the Philippine waters swirl around and crush red corals and shells, they end up on the beaches and make them a distinct color: pink . There are no shortage of white beaches across the country, so this is something worth taking the time to see. There are a few that are worth visiting, including Subic Beach, Tikling Island, and Pundaguitan Beach.

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