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EATS More Fun in the Philippines

If you’re a foodie then you probably already know about Filipino adobo, or maybe even been refreshed on a hot summer day with some halo-halo. However, with a country made up of this many islands, there really isn’t one cuisine that dominates the Philippines – instead (much like Canada) our diversity is the key to enjoying our eclectic culinary food tours. What you will find when you explore our five-star and world-class restaurants is that fresh seafood and sunkissed fruit are the centre of mostly every Filipino dish. Tourism though has given many local chefs and restaurants a flare for global cuisine such as from Asia, Europe, and even America. After a long day of hiking, swimming, or even lounging on the beach, there’s only one thing to do – grab your utensils and appetite and eat your way through some of the Philippines’ best food tours.

Even though Filippino food is full of variety, tourists can always count on the cousine containing essential elements. Each bite is packed with flavors — a burst of sweet, sour, and salty notes.

The best thing about any culinary food tour of the Philippines is that the tastes and ingredients vary by region. For the best roasted pork and pork dishes head to Cebu for Lechon or Pampanga for Sisig; or if you’re more adventurous check out Ilocano’s deep fried pork belly known as Bagnet or the famous pork blood stew Dinuguan. Davao has some of the best seafood dishes including Kinilaw ceviche and an epic grilled tuna jaw dish called Inihaw na Panga. Negros also has delicious Chicken Inasel and in Bohol you can refresh your palette or turn the heat up with their spicy and coconut-infused dishes.

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Fun Food Trips


The most authentic cuisine in the most historic of locales!
For simple, natural, and authentic Filipino cooking look no further than Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. These gorgeous historic villages are home to some of the most impressive heritage churches and quant homes. This is the place to go if you want to learn how to create some of the most aromatic sauces with the freshest and most natural ingredients.


If you want to head to the Food Capital of the Philippines then a food tour of Pampanga should top your itinerary. Learn hands-on from some of the best Filipino chefs in some of the most historic locales what makes Filipino cuisine as exciting as the environment that created it. Then head over to Bulacan to treat your sweet tooth the country’s epicentre of one-of-a-kind pastries and delectable desserts


Want to experience the flavors of China without having to leave Manila? Explore every inch of Manila’s Chinese quarter as you eat your way and try to squeeze through the tantalizing and intimate alleyways of Binondo.


Looking for the place to get your caffeine fix? Start your day with a warm cup of the freshest joe, or refresh yourself with an iced delight. The Philippines is home to all roasts, so whether you prefer Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, or Excelsa, Batangas and Cavite have a roast waiting for you.


If fried chicken is what your after you won’t find better than at Tagala. Take in the sights of the gorgeous and mystical Mt. Banahaw while breathing in the fresh air of the countryside – and just try not to gain any extra calories while doing so.


Are you a heat fiend? Tired of the tame chili’s back home and looking to add points to your scoville? If you’re wanting to turn up the heat on your Filipine adventure look no further than a tour of the Bicol Region. You’ll be able to enjoy chili’s both sweet and spicy, and you can turn up the heat factor when you enjoy them near the fiery Mayon Volcano.


After you’re done swimming all 3.5km of Boracay’s sandy beaches re-fuel yourself with some authentic Filipino cuisine. Enjoy classic seafood dishes or new foodies delights like poke bowls and even brick oven pizza.


Iloilo isn’t just fun to say – it’s also a breathtaking locale to explore and eat. Gaze upon some of the most incredible heritage churches while you taste some of the most incredible dishes. Southern traditional dishes such as La Paz Batchoy and Pancit Molo are incredibly tasty soups whose recipes were once very secretive and highly sought after. Your palate prayers have been answered.


If you’re looking for a sweet escape look no further than Negros Occidental. The southern jewel has tourists flocking for it’s old architecture and awe inspiring beaches and seascapes. Those beaches also just happen to be lined with some of the trendiest and coolest Filipino cafes – serving an array of novelty desserts including fried doughs and sky-high layer cakes.


In the Queen City of the South your tastebuds will be treated like royalty. With some of the most historic visiting sites, live native guitars, and incredible wildlife you’ll soon discover that Cebu is a treat for all the senses – especially taste. The smells and tastes of
dried mangoes, lechon de cebu, and the incredibly popular staple Ngohiong will get your mouthwatering (if it isn’t already).


Even though the mountain range known as the “Chocolate Hills” is located in Bohol, it’s most popular dessert is peanut kisses. Handcrafts aren’t the only thing the locals who reside in this historic countryside make – they’re also known for bee farming and chocolate drink Sikwate.


By now you have seen all the viral videos of people trying this fruit, but here you can experience the real thing – Davao City is home to the Durian. Davao isn’t just known for it’s polarizing fruit, they also have a rich bamboo cuisine that’s still prepared the indigenous way.

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