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Whether you’re a novice or experienced diver, exploring the watery depths of the Philippines is an activity enjoyed by many. According to the California Academy of Sciences, Verde Island Passage (between Luzon and Mindoro) has also been named “the center of marine biodiversity in the world” by the biology department of the California Academy of Sciences. This means that no matter which part of the ocean you’re exploring, whether it be coral along the shore or ships wrecks in the deep, there’ll be something new to see every time you take a dip.

With diving growing in popularity many established resorts have diving facilities or offer Philippines diving tours. So even if you’re traveling with somebody with no aquatic interests, you’ll still be able to find a fantastic resort that accommodates everyone’s itineraries. 

Learn to Dive

Getting your diving certification can sometimes be an arduous process – especially for Canadians who only have a few months (sometimes even less) of good diving weather in the year. Diving in the Philippines is not only an easy way to get your certification, it’s one of the most fun too. There are numerous private bays, wide open seascapes, and stunning shipwrecks for you to explore and learn in. Whether you’re getting a basic dive or instructor certification or even a specialty certification in wreck, rescue, and deep diving there’s a course, tour and plenty of oceanic amenities for you to do so.

Macro & Underwater Photography

When you think of countries with biodiverse and colourful coral reefs, countries like Australia or Fiji may come to mind. However, Australia only has 350 species of coral in the Great Barrier Reef and Fiji only 250. The Philippines has 400 species of coral and counting. If that wasn’t enough our coral reefs are also home to more than 2000 of fish. That’s 500 more species than the Great Barrier Reef, and over 1000 more species than the Caribbean Sea and Hawaii. This means you’re bound to get some excellent instagram-worthy underwater photographs of some the most colourful coral and rarest marine species on the planet! There’s also plenty of sandy spots to unearth even more sealife for fans of muck diving photography.

Recreational Scuba Diving

There’s something for every level of diver when you explore the greatest depths of the Philippines. With some of the most crystal clear waters in the world, you’ll always get spectacular views when you go on your Philippines diving tour. Since the Philippines is home to thousands of beaches, you’ll have a difficult time not finding a resort or facility that offers scuba diving tours. The many waters also make for very different diving experiences. Swim against strong currents on Verda Island, or enjoy a relaxed pace in the peaceful coves of Apo Island.


Don’t have any interest in using complicated diving equipment? You aren’t alone. A lot of tourists who dive in the Philippines aren’t experts and may only want to get their feet wet – that’s why a lot choose to do freediving. Freediving allows you to explore the waters of the Philippines without scuba gear. Glide by sea turtles or explore sunken shipwrecks – we have thousands of beaches for you to choose from.

Top Dive Destinations


If you’re a macro photographer looking for the perfect muck diving photo shoot be sure to visit Batanga on your Philippines diving tour. This popular weekend destination has over 60 diving spots. Most of the reef here is generally quite shallow, making it the perfect locale for recreational and scuba divers alike. Everywhere you look you’ll see stunning sights of soft and hard corals, sponges, shellfish, and maybe even a shipwreck or two.


For local and visiting scuba divers alike, Bohol is becoming one of the most popular Philippines diving destinations. Every dive site on Bohol offers something different, with some more challenging than others. Not only can you experience some of the most dramatic wall dives, you also might swim by a school of barracuda’s or hammerhead sharks.


One of the most popular spots for diving in Philippines is Malapascua Island. Experience is no issue here as there are plenty of dive schools and tours to take you novice to advanced dives. There are tours offered for both day and night diving where you catch a glimpse of haunting wrecks, beautiful reefs, and fun wildlife like manta rays or Thresher sharks.


If you’re an experienced diver looking to meet wildlife (or take their photo) than make sure Negros is on your diving Philippines itinerary. There’s a sanctuary on Apo Island full of clownfish and turtles, and in Dauin you can encounter tons of seahorses, frogfish, and the enhancing Pegasus Seamoth. You’ll also be able to capture unique formations of schools of barracudas and snappers. If you’re looking for a place to stay while also meeting critters on a muck dive, Dumaguete has some of the most affordable and friendly luxury resorts.


See for yourself why Palawan is the World’s Best Island not only on land, but underneath as well. Here you can explore for miles – or a couple hundred, at the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park. UNESCO World Heritage site has 33,000 hectares of coral islands, atolls and lagoons. If discovering sunken treasure is your goal then swim over to Coron where you can explore ove 12 shipwrecks dating back to WWII.

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is known for its dazzling beaches and festive nightlife. Before a night on the town however, many tourists enjoy diving down the Verde Island wall, mucking around, or just freediving in the colourful reef. Besides bountiful corals you’ll also be able to spot dozens of schools of various fish, turtles, eels, and even sharks. See for yourself why it’s known as the “center of the center” of marine biodiversity in the entire world when you try to spot all 800 species of nudibranch on your dive.


Although known more so for it’s sandy white beaches, diving is quickly becoming a popular activity in Boracay. This is due to the fact that so many of the dive sites are perfect for beginner and novice divers of any type of diving. If you want to get into scuba or freediving but don’t know where to start, there are many half-day beginner courses for you in Boracay. Many damsel fishes and turtles live along reefs, and also colourful coral filled with pipefishes and parrot fishes. Have your camera ready because these crystal clear waters are perfect for getting awesome macro underwater photographs

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