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For a serene wellness and healing experience look no further than the islands of the Philippines – we do have over 7,641 of them. Combining the forces of our fine government institutions and private sector partners we continue to make incredible strides to support and strengthen those with an array of medical needs. With leading-edge medical technology, our international standards in healthcare, and our warm traditional culture a trip to Philippines will make your medical journey the most pleasant.


As a culture Filipinos often go the extra mile for those they care most about. Our health and medical practitioners always do the same for their patients as well. We ensure everyone when they visit Philippines will not only find our facilities warm and welcoming, but sincere and compassionate as well. We pride ourselves on our hospitality and take our roles seriously with the utmost of care.


For your best value-for-money destination the Philippines tops the list. In fact many of our treatment rates are often 50% or lower than the costs in the US or Europe. However our treatments and healthcare providers are up-to-date and on par with other prestigious medical hubs around the world. We value holistic healing, so we combine our deep medical expertise with our ability to give quality to our patients that have made the Philippines a go-to source for healing internationally.


We know a lot of our patients seeking medical assistance are from other countries – so not only do we offer professional skill sets but we’re culturally sensitive and compassionate of everyone we treat. Not only have many of our doctors, dentists, nurses and caregivers received training in the Philippines, they’ve also studied abroad at some of the finest medical centres and research facilities in Canada, Europe, and Australia. Additionally many seek out further sub-speciality training and are often duly-licensed in the Philippines and abroad. This makes our healthcare professionals incredibly equipped to treat a variety of needs and concerns and to do so with compassion. There are a variety of wellness packages and health experiences that can be easily tailor-made to fit your specific needs when you visit Philippines. Whether it’s planning transportation, meal plans, or post-treatment retreats our experts can assist in every step of your wellness journey.


Our leading hospitals have accreditations from the Joint Commission International (JC/), Accreditation Canada (AC/), UK Trent, and other such similar accreditation bodies. Our facilities are all state of the art and our diagnostic devices are all operated by fully licensed and skillfully trained professionals. The intuitiveness of our staff along with their individual professional training guarantees your Philippines trip is not only of the utmost quality, but safe as well.


Receiving medical attention in a foreign country can be a nervous experience. After all, not only is there a cultural barrier, but a language barrier as well. Fret not though, because the Philippines is actually the world’s third largest English-speaking nation. When you visit Philippines it’ll be hard to find anyone who doesn’t understand the exact attention you require. The entire process, from when you arrive to when you leave is nothing but stress-free. You’ll always be in the know and receive the exact treatments you require.


Everyone wants their healing process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. In the Philippines we put that theory into practice. Our medical tourists experience much less wait-times for medical treatments, and more time focusing on their recovery. Your health and wellness journey is always our top priority. 

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