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Because the Philippines is an archipelago of so many islands, we’re always finding new ways to take our water sports to the next level. You may have seen the word SUP floating around adventure pamphlets, but aren’t completely sure what it is. SUP is the abbreviation for the water activity known as Stand Up Paddling or Stand Up Paddleboarding. Think of it as a cross between kayaking and surfing, without the waves or sitting down. With your paddle and board in toe, stand-up paddle boarding allows you to actually walk on water. Plus it’s easy and requires little exertion, so riders of all skill levels can glide through picturesque Philippine canals and rivers, or even do yoga in some of the most serene seascapes you’ll ever see.


After you’ve discovered the depths of the Black Coral Forest, get another view of Bohol from the top of a stand up paddle board. The Loboc River is becoming an increasingly popular stand-up paddling spot due to it’s crystal clear waters, isolated caves and low hanging lush foliage. Some say when you paddle down the Loboc River, you can hear the heavens singing to you. The locals say it’s the renowned children’s choir rehearsing in the town. Either way, you won’t get a more heavenly experience than paddleboarding through the lush Philippine jungle while taking in the most divine views. If you can’t get enough seafaring adventure, book a river cruise and be wined and dined as a bamboo raft takes you to stunning hinterland waterfalls.


In recent years Camarines Sur has become the go-to province for watersport thrillseekers and extreme sport enthusiasts. Known primarily for its huge indoor sporting coliseum, Camarines Sur has actually branched out and developed a dedicated watersports complex. If you don’t want to go the extreme route however you can easily climb aboard a stand-up paddle-board and glide through the incredible limestone cliffs that surround the area. 


Many flock to Negros for it’s dazzling white sands and endless blue waters – plus it’s also the area to meet many rare species of aquatic life. Luckily the Dumaguete City capitol is an easy access point for many sup surfing adventures. So climb on top your stand up paddle-board in Negros and you might find yourself paddling with a school of sea turtles.


You’ve probably already read that Palawan is home to some of the world’s best and most award winning beaches. This means of course there are many ornate coral reefs and colourful marine life at almost every wave. See skyhigh limestone rocks and envelope yourself in hidden lagoons when you stand up paddle board your way through the most incredible island formations.


The surfing capital of the Philippines now has another popular water sports activity to compete with. The white sand islets, tidal rock pools, and lush mangroves have also made this a popular destination for stand up paddle board enthusiasts as well. Find some zen or center yourself with sup surfing yoga before you hang ten and ride the biggest wave of your life.

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