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A new breed of global citizens is on the rise: volunteers.

They go around the world and teach English in far-flung villages, or nutrition in informal settlements in urban jungles, or non-verbal theater in communities ravaged by war. They help build new homes in the wake of earthquakes, tsunamis, and flooding. They clean rivers and riverbanks, oceans and beaches. They capacitate rural communities through transfer of technology. They reach out and lend a helping hand where it is needed — without seeking financial remuneration. It is their way of giving back.

In this new age of climate impacts, the Philippines has drawn its fair share of volunteers from around the world. After super typhoons and other disasters, they come to the Philippine islands to participate in relief and rescue operations, especially those with the necessary crucial expertise. Many fly in a bit later and for a bit longer, for the rehabilitation operations: rebuilding ravaged communities, restoring potable water supply, initiating supply chains to benefit community people. Even company executives and data scientists pitch in to offer support in much-needed urban planning and resource generation.

Here is a quick list of volunteer programs in the Philippines. 

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