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The Best Wellness Retreats in the Philippines

You may have heard the old Rudyard Kipling about the East never meeting the West, but count on the Pearl of the Orient for completely scrapping that old and out-of-date adage. For many tourists visiting the Philippines on a spa vacation, it can sometimes seem as though they haven’t left home at all. Sure the weather is warmer, and the foliage is obviously representative of a warm climate, but out of the 100 million Filipinos, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t speak or understand some form of English.

Despite Western influence, however, the Philippines is nowhere near shedding its traditional Eastern legacy. We still believe in our command of the natural world to aid in what heals us and the power each other has to bring about peace and wellness.

When you wellness travel to the Philippines, you’ll be immersed in a modern world with historic charm. Many tourists come to the Philippines on wellness retreats to reconnect with nature, treat what’s ailing them, or simply unwind and relax. With over 7,641 islands, there’s a little piece of paradise for everyone.

For those seeking to look inward and rekindle their sense of spirituality, group meditation retreats in the mountains are becoming increasingly popular. Everyone’s favorite way to work out their mind, body, and spirit has also infiltrated the Philippines – now you can go on a yoga retreat on some of the beaches in the world, or even from atop the crystal blue waters in the middle of the ocean via stand-up paddleboard. If you’re here to experience the Philippines at its most traditional though, then you need to book a hilot massage. This particular healing technique has been around for 3000 years, wherein a trained Manghihilot relieves tension from your back to your feet through heat, coconut oil, banana leaves, and bamboo.

Whether you’re looking to fully rebalance your energy or simply embrace more nature, the Philippines is a go-to locale for all wellness travel and spa vacations. So light a scented candle, put on some relaxing music and discover your dream wellness retreat below:


Mandala Spa

To connect with nature and surround yourself with the fresh lushness of Boracay, book a visit at the Mandala Spa. You and loved ones can experience a refreshing retreat in your own personal villa. It’s also where you’ll be able to experience an award winning Hilot trilogy.

Shangri-La Chi Spa in Boracay
Boracay is known for its stunning beaches and statuesque mountainscapes – which are exactly the views you’ll get from Shangri-La Boracay. This luxury spa is located on a rocky peninsula that boasts its own private bay and offers nourishing body scrubs and soaks. After you relax and unwind make sure to check out some of the best five star restaurants that back the beaches of Boracay.


Chi Spa

Cebu is becoming one of the most popular Philippines vacation spots for travellers around the globe. Not only are the beaches the perfect place to try your favourite new water sport, the city is also home to some of the flashiest festivals and supercharged nightlife. After your night out or when you’re worn out from riding the waves make sure you visit the Chi Spa. Here you can replenish the skin with a soothing after-sun wrap consisting of cooling local vegetation and Argiletz clay.


Davao city is quickly developing into an urban metropolis. That means however that with all the hustle and bustle, people are eventually going to need a quiet retreat – which is where Davao’s spas come in. For a family-friendly getaway with a stunning view of Mt. Apo try a room at the luxurious Pearl Farm Resort. If your romantic partner has a sweet tooth then indulge in a cacao facial at the Chocolate Spa in the Malagos Villas.


Dumaguete is nicknamed “the City of Gentle People” for a reason. This cultural hub of Negros is known for its ornate handcrafts, intricate art, and traditional fiestas. Plus it has a variety of spa centres for every need. There are traditional centres full of bamboo offering traditional massage and acupuncture, to modern facilities with full physio centres and relaxing infinity pools.

Atmosphere Dive Resort and Spa
If you’re looking for a spa with it all then you need to book a stay at Atmosphere. Not only can you be pampered and unwind in a private oasis, they also encourage scuba diving and snorkeling excursions. For the adventurous foodie in your group you can book a tour of the local market, or even get a culinary presentation like no other when you spend a day in the kitchen with the resort’s expert chefs.


The Farm in San Benito

For a full retreat of mindfulness that replenishes the spirit many flock (sometimes repeatedly) to The Farm. This all inclusive resort promotes a holistic approach to wellness. The Farm utilizes the freshest vegan food and juices to cleanse your toxins allowing you a full detox. They also offer full tailored programs – whether you’re looking to target your mental health, enhance your immune support, or target specific pains The Farm is truly the ultimate in wellness travel.


Sonya’s Garden

If you’re looking for a romantic wellness getaway right out of a fairytale then prepare to be enchanted by Sonya’s Garden. This bed and breakfast is surrounded by breathtakingly colourful flower gardens including hibiscus and hydragenyas. Not only that but you’ll also enjoy an all-organic all-you-can-eat menu.

The Retreat Spa at Okada

One of the newest but incredibly popular spas is The Retreat Spa at Okada Manila.This spa offers state of the art healing and rejuvenating techniques and facilities, but also some new modern amenities. For the touring gentleman they have an on-site barber shop where one can savor a glass of fine whiskey while getting a haircut, shave, or shoeshine. Or try their signature therapy called Dance of Waves – a flowing forearm massage for the whole body that was developed in-house!

The Spa Wellness

Metro Manila is one of our biggest cosmopolitan city centres – but it can also be a great place to rediscover your center. Named simply The Spa Wellness, this luxurious facility offers an array of traditional and foreighn services that their employees perform with utmost care and knowledge. From swedish and shiatsu massages to aromatherapy and even volcanic rock treatments, this oasis in the middle of Metro Manila will certainly speak to your core.


Tourists often escape to Palawan for it’s secluded limestone cliffs and award winning beaches. Plus you can immersive yourself in the serene waters by going on snorkeling or helmut diving tours. One of the best places to do this is at El Nido Resort in Apulit Island. Here you’ll not only be able to climb and spelunk through the wondrous natural limestone formations, you’ll also be able to dive right off them into the Taytay Bay. To fully wash away the negative energy and be one with the natural world you’ll be sleeping in a cottage that rests on stilts – allowing you to drift away with the healing waters beneath you.


If reconnecting with nature and being one with the earth is your wellness goal then book a stay at Amanpulo on Pamalican Island. This private island is surrounded by starry sand beaches, colourful reefs, and lush green jungles. Since Amanpulo sits on top of the highest point of the island you’ll get immaculate views of it all. Experience the ultimate tranquility with their traditional Philippine healing arts and private peaceful contemplation sessions.

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