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Top Destinations

The Philippines boasts 7,641 islands and each one offers unique activities, beaches and culture. Many are also internationally recognized as leading island destinations for their wellness getaways, diving sites, sandy beaches and thrilling adventures. With endless experiences to enjoy, one thing is certain: it’s more fun in the Philippines!

  • Manila

    Experience the colorful fusion of history and modern Filipino life in the bustling financial, economic, commercial and natonal capital of the Philippines. It is the best start-off point to getting anywhere in the country, and a great introducton to the naton’s historical roots.

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  • Davao

    Home to Mt. Apo, the highest mountain peak in the country, Davao is a mixture of the best of modern city living and the beauty of nature. A nature reserve for the endangered Philippine eagle, a crocodile zoo

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  • Cebu

    Right in the middle of Visayas is Cebu, the second international gateway to the Philippines. Culturally and biologically rich, it is the country’s secondary. Although more popular as a diving and snorkeling site, Cebu is an exciting place to experience authentic Filipino culture and everyday life.

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  • Boracay

    Not only a beach capital but also a cultural experience, the most-visited island in the Philippines is only four miles long and two miles wide, but bury your feet in its powder-fine white sand beaches

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  • Bohol

    Bohol is the 10th largest of the Philippines’ 7,641 islands. This island-province is made up of 47 towns and 75 component islands strewn about it.

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  • Vigan/Laoag

    Vigan is the most well-preserved Spanish colonial town in the Philippines. Built-in the 16th century, it a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site

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  • Siargao

    Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines and home to some of the best beaches in Asia

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  • Palawan

    Accessible only from Manila or Cebu and not from island to island, Palawan is an elongated island you should not miss. With two UNESCO World Heritage sites, lush forests, breathtaking views

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  • Banaue/Sagada

    Get ready to traverse mountains at Banaue and Sagada, where two stunning destinations await you: the UNESCO World Heritage – listed Banaue Rice Terraces, said by legend to have been made as a stairway

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The pine-scented air and cool climate of Baguio have earned it the name “City of Pines,” Located in the north of the country, this mountain city has unusually cool temperatures,

Top Activities

Whether you’re seeking adventure, wellness pampering or volunteer opportunities, each island’s array of activities promise a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Recognized by the World Travel Awards as Asia’s leading beach destination in 2020 and Asia’s leading dive destination in 2019 and 2020



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